The services in PSS are intended to meet the telecommunication network operators , specifically from the first stage that goes from the final user who is the client of our client to the main network in charge of carrying the data.

The products and services are mostly delivered as turnkey projects which includes the delivery, installation and operation of the equipment.The service after the sale of the products comercialized by PSS is crucial for our clients to make the mosto ut of their investment in terms of telecommunication infrastructure.

PSS focuses its efforts on the equipment with the objective to provide access of the companies and institutions to the centre nodes of the transport network, in other words to connect private networks among themselves and to other networks and digital services by using internet. We use Ethernet technologies through fiber optic cable with ADVA Optical Networking AG equipment or copper pairs with ALBIS Technologies AG equipment. On the opposite, for the technologies links we still use the Watson’s equipment supplied by SCHMID Telecom AG.